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marble kitchen countertops super white augusta ga east coast granite marble

Marble Countertops in Augusta GA

Marble countertops in Augusta, GA homes bring elegance to any space and lends your home a feeling of incomparable opulence. As one of the most popular choices among homeowners for natural stone countertops in Augusta, marble has much more to offer than just functionality and durability.

marble kitchen countertops super white augusta ga east coast granite marble

Distinctive Beauty from Around the World

Marble is a metamorphic rock that is formed when limestone, or dolostone, and various other minerals are subjected to extreme heat and pressure beneath the surface of the Earth. Marble's unique composition is mainly composed of calcite or dolomite, and generally contains other minerals such as pyrite, iron oxide, mica, and graphite.

Marble has and remains to be, an extremely sought-after material for countertops in Augusta, GA. From the one-of-a-kind veining and luxurious colors, it's easy to see why so many covet the truly unique look and feel that only marble can offer.

Marble quarries can be found all over the world. This natural stone's distinctive features and characteristics, like the width and hue of veining and base color, are solely determined by the geographical location and specific mineral contents of the quarry in which it was formed. Some of the most beautiful marble slabs in existence come from places like Ireland, Georgia, Greece, and Italy.

Its exceptional beauty aside, there are a number of benefits that come with marble countertops in Augusta. In exchange for the moderate maintenance that marble countertops require, you'll see added benefits that reach far beyond this stone's elegance and opulent beauty which will include:

  • Superior Durability - if properly cared for, marble countertops can last for decades
  • Design Versatility - Marble countertops can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of design styles-from rustic and classic to modern and contemporary.
  • Performance - Marble is known for its inherently cool nature, making it the number one choice for novice bakers and seasoned chefs alike

Marble countertops are an investment in your home and it's important to protect that investment. At East Coast Granite & Marble, we highly recommend that your marble countertops in Augusta be sealed during, and after installation, with Stain-Proof Plus, an excellent marble sealer with high-quality results that comes with an industry-leading 25-year warranty.

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Choosing Marble for Your Countertops

Marble countertops can transform any ordinary space into the extraordinary. The distinctive beauty of marble is as unique as a fingerprint, never repeated in another marble slab.

This natural stone can be used to compliment any style of design and decor, from rustic and relaxed to sleekly modern and richly opulent. With marble countertops, creating a cohesive, completed look throughout your Augusta home has never been easier!

There are also several premium finishes you can choose for your marble countertops in Augusta to create a truly customized look and feel in and around your home. Available finishes include:

  • Honed or Matte Finish - This finish is an excellent choice for hiding scratches over time and gives your natural stone a smooth, soft feel.
  • Polished - This finish creates a rich luster and gleaming sparkle that highlights the natural color of your stone. It's important to note that a polished finish may be more prone to showing scratches.
  • Leather - This finish creates a textured look and is typically preferred for darker marble countertops. This option makes the perfect choice for hiding scratches and fingerprints while keeping some of the gleam.

Marble is one of the most attractive and desired choices for natural stone marble countertops in Augusta, GA, even when factoring in the requisite maintenance. With the proper care and application of a high-quality sealant, your marble countertops will last for decades. Marble countertops are not only functional; their rich glow imparts an aura of grandeur that just can't be achieved with other types of countertops.

marble kitchen countertops super white augusta ga east coast granite marble
marble kitchen countertops super white augusta ga east coast granite marble
marble kitchen countertops super white augusta ga east coast granite marble
marble kitchen countertops super white augusta ga east coast granite marble

Things to Consider When Choosing Marble Countertops

Beautiful and uniquely classic, marble countertops are a distinctive choice that bespeaks unmatched taste and style. Due to the natural porosity of marble, it's highly recommended to maintain a high-quality seal to prevent any staining. In general, a high-quality sealant should be reapplied every 6-12 months to protect your natural stone and keep your marble countertops looking gorgeous for years to come.

In addition, marble countertops are prone to etching if exposed to acidic materials. To protect the luster and look of your marble countertops in Augusta, it's essential that you quickly and diligently clean up spills as soon as they occur. These acidic materials can include:

  • Liquid Soap
  • Oils
  • Citrus
  • Wine
  • Juice
  • Tomato Products

Marble countertops can also be susceptible to chipping and cracking caused by heavy impacts. If finished with a high gloss, or polished finish, marble is prone to scratches and unsightly marks. This makes using chopping blocks and cutting boards essential for your marble countertops.

The Stunning Color and Patterns of Marble

Marble is naturally formed with a stunning range of hues and veining patterns. These uniquely distinctive characteristics are determined by the location and specific quarry in which they were formed.

Marble Hues – From the whitest of white to raven black, the spectrum of marble colors is truly stunning. There are a staggering number of neutral marble colors in browns, tans, beiges, and more. For something more eye-catching and dramatic, you can choose from a variety of oranges, yellows, greens, pinks, and blues. Some of the most beautiful marble slabs in existence come from places like:

Ireland - where Connemara marble carries an inimitable green hue.

Georgia, in the southern US - produces Etowah marble in a selection of pink, rose, and salmon colors; and Creole marble in black, white, and blue.

Greece -  the origin of Parian marble; fine-grained, purely white and semi-translucent, it was one of the most sought-after marbles for ancient Greek sculptors.

Italy - known for its Carrara marble that features fine blue-gray and white coloring.

Marble Patterns – Veins of creamy white, tawny brown, opulent black, and more grace each marble slab in complementary or contrasting colors. This gives you the ability create a custom look that matches your singular vision. 

Marble colors and characteristics will differ from one quarry to another, and even within the same quarry. Our slabs are always meticulously tracked and carefully handled to ensure your marble countertops are a perfect match!

At East Coast Granite & Marble, we’re proud to offer thousands of marble slabs to ensure you find exactly the perfect stone for your marble countertops in Augusta, Georgia. We simply can't wait to give you a personal tour of our showroom!

marble kitchen countertops super white augusta ga east coast granite marble
marble kitchen countertops super white augusta ga east coast granite marble

Additional Considerations for Marble Countertops


Due to the somewhat difficult nature of marble countertop installation, it’s important that the Augusta, Georgia marble countertop installer you choose has a good amount of experience.

Additional considerations worth noting include:

  • While marble countertops are relatively heat-resistant, avoid potential damages by using a hot pad or trivet between the surface and hot items like pots, pans, and active styling tools. 
  • Marble is inherently known for keeping a cool temperature making this the perfect surface for novice and seasoned chefs alike who regularly work with doughs and pastries.
  • Marble does require moderate maintenance when compared to alternative materials, but with proper care and a high-quality sealant applied, your marble countertops can last for decades.

Marble Vanity Tops for Your Dream Bathroom


Richly luxurious in both feel and appearance, marble vanity tops in Augusta, Georgia have long been a staple in the bathrooms of higher-end homes. Alternative materials, like engineered stone, simply cannot replicate the warmth and opulence of marble bathroom countertops.

From indulgently opulent to elegantly understated, marble vanity tops can help you create a look and feel that matches your singular vision for your new bathroom in Augusta, GA.

marble bathroom countertops super white augusta ga east coast granite marble

Getting Started


Getting Your Marble Countertops in Just Five Easy Steps

We know your time is important, so we’ve made the process for ordering your marble countertops in Augusta as quick and simple as possible. In just five steps, you can have the countertops of your dreams to complete the kitchen of your dreams with Augusta marble.

  1. Complete our convenient online formOur Design Specialists make it their mission to get in touch with you quickly (within 24 hours) to discuss the details of your project.
  2. Visit our showroom to choose your stoneWe’ll take as much time as you need to find the perfect slab among the thousands we have in stock and help you choose the perfect finishe to complete your design.  
  3. We’ll create your template - Once we have meticulously measured your space we will create the template for your new Augusta, Georgia marble countertops. Once we've finished your template, your marble countertops will be fully installed in just five to seven business days, guaranteed.
  4. FabricationOnce we verify the template for your new marble countertops is correct, we will thoroughly inspect your slab and cut it to the exact dimensions required and then add your chosen edging.
  5. InstallationYour marble countertop installation will be completed quickly and professionally so you can start enjoying your dream kitchen with marble countertops in Augusta, Georgia.


Our Design Specialists are excited to work closely with you through each step of this stress-free process. Just complete our convenient online form and get started on creating your new dream space with marble countertop.

To schedule your consultation with one of our Design Specialists, fill out our free estimate form.

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Ready for the kitchen of your dreams?




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